Early Stage Problem Discovery

Discover the right problems to solve for the right market from 0 to unlocking problem-market fit.

Who is this for?

  • 1

    First-time founders who are building startups.

  • 2

    Product managers at tech companies who are building new products within a team.

  • 3

    Corporate innovators at large enterprises spearheading new initiatives for new market entry or expansion.

  • 4

    UX / design researchers gathering and mining insights without spending too much time in lengthy research process.

  • 5

    Consultants working at agencies who are guiding clients to innovate.

  • 6

    Working professionals with market or domain expertise aiming to digitize your offline services.

If you have a product, but it's not getting much attention.
If your product messaging doesn't strike the chord.
If you feel like your conversation always goes back to "Who's this for? Maybe it's for this people? Should I try it?" 🤷

Then you haven't nailed your market fit yet.

Before product-market fit, there is message-market fit.
↳ Before message-market fit, there is solution-market fit.
↳ Before solution-market fit, there is problem-market fit.

Unlock problem-market fit before anything else.

Here's the truth why startups failed.
Even the well-funded ones.It's not because they don’t know how to research, build or grow the company.
It’s because they are obsessed with the product, not the market.

Whether you use Lean Startup methodology or not, you are pre-conditioned to start with the product - try to find the market and spend more even more pivoting market or business model just to fit the product, but not pivoting the product.

You end up with a solution in search of a problem.You end up wasting 2-3x longer to iterate the market, not the product.

This in turn creates pressure to over-hire, scale prematurely, and subsequently burned through the funding. 42% scale pre-maturely before product-market fit was found.

In other words, 92% of new ventures fail because they build the wrong product for the wrong market in the wrong way with misaligned teams who lack critical skills to go from 0-1.

The 0-1 journey to build innovative products that people love to use, buy, and share around a profitable venture - start and end with the market.

You may already have a product or service of your own, but unless you are crystal clear about your market and the problems they face...

🚩 Your product ends up solving the wrong problem or poorly solving the problem.

🚩 Your messaging will be sub-par. Hardly anyone understand what you're trying to communicate.

🚩 Your pricing will be too cheap or expensive. They aren't buying.

🚩 Your go-to-market is wasted from marginal returns.

🚩 Everything is just 10x harder!

In this program, you will learn a proven approach to identify the right validated problem for the right market.

You just need to get this one right so that you don't return again and again.


Here are what you will achieve out of this program

✅ You will zero-in on a beachhead market.

✅ You will have clarity of the transformation journey your niche towards the future state.

✅ You will learn how to choose the problem to solve that has critical attributes.

✅ You will validate which problems has the highest potential that you can choose to solve.

✅ You will learn the secret to solving the problems that create differentiation.

✅ You will create evidence enough to raise a pre-seed round.

Learn and build concurrently

The best way to learn is to do it. Together. Here are what you will achieve.


Niche-down a beachhead market

Market fit starts with defining the market. Learn how to monopolize a market by zeroing-in a market segment.


Identify stakeholders in the market

Learn how to identify, map and connect stakeholders that will give a clear picture who's involved or impacted in the market.


Personify stakeholders into personas

Most people fail at building personas. Learn the secret of personify your user or customer profiles that are useful and make a difference.


Define niche transformation

Learn how to systemically create a transformation journey for the market segment. This is where the magic happens.


Recruit research participants

Learn to spot what type of people to recruit, and how to manage the process of recruiting research participants.


Interview research participants

Learn how to interview your personas at speed and scale without the cumbersome research preparation.


Synthesize research data into insights

Make sense of research data into insights that will pinpoint to you which problem you should solve.

If you reach here, you will learn the secret of creating evidence of problem-market fit that will be used to raise pre-seed round.

  • Courtnay Guimarães

    Recently I've bought and started using this framework, made by a design. It 's a lot of very obvious things, but the concatenation and integration of concepts in a very innovative way, made it not only understandable, but... very practical! using in a real case, indeed.

  • Victor Ruz Barrero

    This methodology you have created, for me it’s amazing. It’s more, I consider it for CEO level, CFO, CXO, you know, the managing director level. But for me it’s amazing because I’ve been reading about design thinking, lean startup, everything. So you pack everything really, really well.

  • Aninda Mukherjee

    excellent course . Learning loads about business design

  • Anonymous

    Comprehensive methodology

  • Anonymous

    It's a really structured approach which is essential in any product or service design.

  • Anonymous

    I learned the structured way to build and validate the right products/services ideas.

  • Anonymous

    I learned to be more knowledgeable on the strategy and structure in developing new products or project.

  • Anonymous

    New tools. Follow through from prototype to biz plan.

  • Anonymized User

    Framework. That's the number one. Because you structure it in a way that people know what they need to do next. Otherwise, anyone can have different version of personas, and at the after date, they will not take any action on it.