0→1 Accelerator

0 market fit at a fraction of the time without friction in the team

95% new corporate product launches fail
95% of product innovation fail
92% of new ventures fail within 2-5 years

Within those that failed, 70% scaled pre-maturely before having a strong product-market fit.

  • 2011-2018 ☠️ Burned $118M. Never found product-market fit. Being too early in the market.

  • 2019-2022 ☠️ Raised $125M. Cash burn far exceeded its revenue growth.

  • 2020-2022 ☠️ Raised $9M seed 6 months before shut down. Failed to pivot with misaligned teams.

  • 2017-2022 ☠️ 2M users. Never found strong product-market fit to weather the pandemic.

Here's the truth why there is <90% failure rate from startups to enterprises.

It's not because you don’t know how to research, build or grow the company.

It’s because you are obsessed with the product, not the market.

Therefore you will do it the wrong sequence.

You are pre-conditioned to start with the product - try to find the market and spend more even more pivoting market or business model just to fit the product, but not pivoting the product. Especially the visionary or the ideas guy.

You end up with a solution in search of a problem.

You end up wasting 2-3x longer to iterate the market, not the product.

This in turn creates pressure to over-hire, scale prematurely, and subsequently burned through the funding.

Companies built the wrong products for the wrong market in the wrong way with misaligned teams who did not have the skills to go from 0→1.

In our work with 70+ companies, we observed companies flopped going 0→1 because they fail to close 5 gaps at the same time.

Execution Gap

Skills Gap

Alignment Gap

Information Gap

Culture Gap

You can't execute without having 0→1 skills.

Even if you have the skills, misalignment will get you nowhere.

You can't be aligned if your information is fragmented or muddled.

And forget all above if you don't have the culture or failed to transition to a new culture.

How to build the right product for the right market in the right way with aligned teams with critical skills to go 0→1?

By closing 5 gaps at the same time.

0→1 Roadmap

Learning by Building

Continuous Co-Creation

Single Source of Truth

Active Change Transition

So what does it take to go from 0→1?

0→1 = Market fit

1 = Built a product that people repeatedly use, buy, and share around a profitable venture.

There are 10 sequential market fit that you have to unlock in stages.

Along the way there are 3 key milestones that you must achieve as pre-conditions to scale.

  1. Retention

  2. Monetization

  3. Acquisition

Build an innovative product in a new category

0.0. Unlock Founder-Market Fit

Self Discovery

Assemble a founding team with domain and/or market access and/or expertise.

0.1. Unlock Problem-Market Fit

Problem Discovery

Find validated problems worth solving for the right market.

0.2. Unlock Solution-Market Fit

Product Discovery

Find validated problems worth solving for the right market.

0.3. Unlock Message-Market Fit

POV Discovery

Develop point-of-view that resonates with your niche.

0.4. Unlock Product-Market Fit

Stickiness Discovery

Build a sticky product with repeat purchase, usage and shares with early growth.

Coming Soon

Solved retention

Build an innovative company with positive unit economics

0.5. Unlock Pricing-Market Fit

Pricing Discovery

Your pricing is affordable to the niche and optimized for profitability.

Coming Soon

Solved monetization

0.6. Unlock Channel-Market Fit

Channel Discovery

You acquire new users and/or customers efficiently.

Coming Soon

0.7. Unlock Go-to-Market Fit

Growth Discovery

You built a profitable venture with a positive unit economics. Your venture has CAC:LTV of at least 1:3 with <15 months payback period and <110% NDR as a result of short sales cycle, repeatable sales process and frugal cost control.

Coming Soon

Solved acquisition

0.8. Unlock Team-Market Fit

Skills Discovery

You have the critical skills and defined team structure to operate and scale.

Coming Soon

0.9. Unlock Legal-Market Fit

Rules Discovery

Your venture is compliant and permissible to operate.

Coming Soon

You are now ready to scale

In essence, build an innovative product around the market. Then build a profitable business around the product. In parallel, build a team with the right skills around the business.

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Schedule private co-creation sessions to accelerate progress in building your venture.

BID Platform

Co-create real-time and store institutional knowledge in a single source of truth.


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Frequently asked questions

Contact us if you have any more questions.

I haven't started a business yet. Is this for me?

Absolutely! 0→1 Accelerator is designed for those who are also looking to upskill themselves while building a new venture.

How is 0→1 Accelerator with BID different from other accelerators?

We will hold your hands to go through the journey from 0 to 1 by learning and building together, not “advising”. Not to mention, accelerators typically take 7% of your company. We don’t. 7% of your shares after a seed round with a cap of $7M translates to ~$500k.

Is 0→1 Accelerator a training program?

It’s more than a training program! You get to learn and build together. Our success depends on you getting results and making it out of 0→1 chasm.

What type of individuals or companies are best suited for 0→1 Accelerator?

0→1 Accelerator is built for 0→1 operators who are typically startup founders, corporate innovators, and product managers. You just started out to building a new product and/or venture. You couldn’t find product-market fit with your existing product. You are passionate in solving a specific problems for a market. You are tasked to create a new product or business line for your company.