Strategy Consulting is an Oxymoron

3 min read

Strategy = execution
Consulting ≠ execution
Execution = implementation + operations

I learned from Roger Martin that you cannot create a distinction between strategy and execution as they are two sides of the same coin.

Strategy is worthless without execution.

And there is nothing to execute or executing the wrong thing without strategy.

Million dollar frameworks, models, plans and projections look great on paper, but surely all of them end up kneeling before execution - even if you copy from competitors.

Strategy and plans will end up changing in the face of execution.

In the last decade or so, consulting firms and agencies have equipped themselves in execution capabilities, but most are half-arsed.

Half-arsed execution = implementation without operations

Almost none want to take operational risk.

If you are confident in your recommendations, you would have a stake in operations.

Bear in mind, recommendations, interventions, models, plans detached from the ground are just assumptions.

So consulting firms and agencies will usually limit their “scope” and be vigilant about scope creep to protect their guaranteed revenue.

It’s time to change the business model towards becoming a real business partner and get paid in shared earnings.

Real business partner = takes risk implementing and operationalizing strategy.
More risk = more revenue potential