Innovation Is Not for the Weak-Hearted

2 min read

What you often associate innovation is the fancy high tech stuff.

AI robots, self-driving car, drones, NFT, all that jazz.

But you may not be aware how boring, complex, and challenging innovation can get behind the closed doors.

Implementing the fancy high-tech stuff requires complex orchestration at the back-end.

It's not just the product and technology infrastructure that you have to consider.

The business model got to change too. But some people will resist and make it hard for you to navigate successful transition.

Team misalignments have to be bridged all the time. There will be people who are always out of the loop and even try to convince you to zig when you're trying to zag.

Partnerships and building the ecosystem have to be built. That's a chicken or egg scenario when you are 0.

Lobbying might need to taken into account if you're creating a new market. Think of $$$ and the smooching you got to do.

For legacy businesses, the amount of change is massive.

You will have casualties for those resisting to the new change brought by these fancy innovations.

Going 0-1 ain’t easy.

Yes innovation is fancy, but it’s not for the weak-hearted.