Innovation Is About Cross-Functional Alignment

2 min read

It's the responsibility of everyone in the company - not as much to innovate products, but having the creative mindset to innovate the way they work in their team and other functions.

You can't be one-dimensional white-collar worker working in silo in this era.

Another T-shaped and comb-shaped talents might replace you just because they can do more and connect with other disciplines.

Finance professionals got to be innovative.

It's not just about tracking expenses and cost-cutting measures. But also working with the product and sales teams to work on revenue models, pricing, and how they impact your top-line and bottom-line.

Developers got to be innovative.

It's not just about standups, coding and debugging. But it's also about working with design teams to make sure the product balances magic and feasibility. Work with sales to get their understanding right.

Innovative workers get recognized quickly, get promoted much faster, become more productive and enjoy better work life.

Take these 2 steps. At least do step 1.

Step 1: Collaborate with teams across functions.

Step 2: Upskill in other disciplines and become comb-shaped talent.