How to Unlock 0-1

2 min read

Founders and corporate innovators: your game is to unlock desirability, feasibility, and viability as quickly as possible before time and money run out.

1. Unlock niche. Be laser specific.

2. Unlock insights about your niche. Current and future state with problems in between.

3. Unlock mechanism to solve the problems. Product? Service? Community? Build light.

4. Unlock mechanism interest from niche. Get those signups, do a pre-sales, take deposits.

Do these and you have unlocked desirability.

5. Unlock core team. At least 1 builder and 1 GTM.

6. Unlock translation between designing and building. It can be ugly first but the utility has to translate 1-1.

7. Unlock proof of utility of your mechanism. Run a pilot, try out with early adopters. If no hype, repeat 1, 2, 3 or 6.

Do these and you have unlocked feasibility.

8. Unlock healthy CAC:LTV ratio. At least 1:3 and you have a minimal positive unit economics.

9. Unlock sales repeatability. Do it with tight process, not adding manpower.

By now you would've unlocked viability.

You unlocked 0-1. It's time to go from 1-n.