The Secret Why Real Design Thinking Works Like Magic

1 min read

It's not because it has a 5-steps process.

It's not because you can put yourself in the shoes of others.

It's because design thinking enables you to think by designing.

Designing is any activities in the spectrum of planning, visualizing, and making.

As you design things, you start to think differently, as opposed to thinking first then design later.

🖍 Visualizing to describe and align > verbalizing to describe

💚 Feeling for others > thinking it what should be for them

👄 Storytelling what ifs > pouring hard facts

🛠 Experimenting to see how it works > talking about how it works

👀 Reviewing something visual/tangible > discussing with heads in the cloud

✅ Validating with real feedback > justifying with (assumed) belief

This is the real power of design thinking - not the nonsense you get in the 1-2 day training by trainers who are trained by other trainers.

☝️ But just like any approaches, design thinking is not the panacea for everything.