Does Your Business Have a Point of View?

1 min read

Point of View = Positioning + Messaging

Companies with strong POV stand for something.

Basecamp has a strong POV that set the context on how managing work should be, how email should function in the modern web.

Intercom has a strong POV on what great customer success is all about, and is materialized through its product.

Having a POV sets the company-wide direction on why you do matters, what the world should be like, how you say it, how you make it happen - especially if you're a contrarian.

It's fine if having POV puts you on one side and alienating the others. Why?

If you don't have a POV, you stand for nothing = no differentiation.

If you don't have a POV, it's likely that you follow everyone else saying the same messaging and positioning, end up being commoditized operating in a red ocean.

So start by answering the question "what truth do I know that nobody else does?".