Do You Have a Bad Product?

3 min read

Early stage hustlers: Let's talk about bad product.

You got called out for making sh*t product by your customers or investors.

If you doesn't work functionally, it's a bad product - it doesn't matter which niche you made it for.

If you built a product that works, there's no such thing as a bad product.

Only a bad fit with the niche. Aka lack of product-market fit.

If you're 100% sure that your product is functioning well for the right niche, but not getting the traction, you don't have a product-market fit problem.

You either have a problem with your messaging or pricing.

1. Messaging (Message-market fit)

Your message does not resonate to your niche. Maybe it's too generic or you used too much jargons.

A laser specific message always beat generic message.

But you're just following how FAANG do their messaging? They are catering for the masses, that's it makes sense for the messaging to be generic.

Option A: Exhaust your body fat % to a single digit under 12 weeks without starving yourself with X-Body App.

Option B: Lose weight and body fat with X-Body App.

See the difference?

2. Pricing (Pricing-market fit)

You are not aware if you're hunting whales or catching flies with your product with your niche.

If you don't have this figured out you will tend to mess up your pricing and pricing structure.

Your pricing structure does not match with the economic behavior of your niche.

$100/mth vs. $1,000 program for university students. Which one will bite?

Your pricing does not match with the buying power of your niche.

It's usually too expensive if they don't buy.

You can't charge much to university students as opposed to working adults.

So take these into account when you are evaluating your own product.

The sooner you hit solved for product, messaging, and pricing; the faster your time-to-market fit.