3 Stages of Business Transformation

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Business transformation happens companies are going from 0-1, 1-n, and n-0.

0-1 for startups and new ventures

Your end goal at 1 is to achieve market-fit.

Market fit = product-market fit (desirability and feasibility) + GTM fit (viability)

Your transformation is about creating innovation, building a business around the innovation from scratch, and win the coveted most innovative company award.

1-n for scaleups and slowing growth

Your end goal is to grow rapidly and milk the market till it's satured.

This game is about incremental improvement and market expansion.

Your transformation is about team alignment and building an automated system that generates exponential results.

n-0 screwups

Your end goal is to exit the market gracefully. Not like Kodak, Blackberry or Nokia.

Your transformation is to divest your resources periodically till it's back to 0.

If you're finding a new market (another 0-1) at this stage, you have screwed-up.