Internet of Things

So You Want to Design IoT Experiences?

1 min read

Ask these 2 simple questions.

If [object] can speak, what can it tell you?

If [object] can do things, what actions can it take?

If a luggage can talk, what can it tell you?

The luggage can tell you the weight, and the weight limit allowed by airlines. It can connect with the baggage belt conveyor system and tell the airport staff to send to the right belt conveyor number.

If a luggage can do things, what actions can it take?

The luggage can follow you around behind or side-by-side. It can open and close/lock upon command. It can identify objects that may violate airport regulations.

IoT doesn't have to be boring. Use your creativity!

This is fundamentally what the Internet of Things (IoT) is about - making objects talk and do things powered by data, analytics and AI.